Time to get started on summer time home maintenance tasks

Summer is upon us and so is the time to get started on those summer time home maintenance tasks. Home maintenance is often put on hold as outside summer activities begin, but neglected home maintenance can lead to larger issues and often times more costly repairs down the road. So taking care of those summer tasks are important to maintain your homes condition and beauty for years to come. Below is a simple list of some important summer time maintenance items to put on the summer to-do list. Clean and pressure wash exterior of home and check for any exterior issues in need of repair. Check all deck and patio areas for needed repairs and paint/stain to give them a fresh look for summer and extend the life of the material. Check and seal/re-caulk all windows and doors to help reduce air loss and prevent water issues. Check home for any insect activity that may need to be addressed. Oil garage-door opener and chain, garage door, and all door hinges. Ensure dryer vents are clean and clear. Check and clean kitchen exhaust fan filter. Clean gutters and ensure downspouts are clear. Check HVAC and get it service to ensure [...]